Congressional Priorities

There’s an interesting comment by Roland S. Martin on CNN  in which he compares the aggressive attitude toward investigating athletes for possible steroid use to the virtual avoidance of investigating those who created the economic crisis we are currently (and STILL) experiencing.  Click on the link above to read the short article. 

Apparently, the athletes are being prosecuted for lying to Congress.  Isn’t that what politicians do to each other (and us) every day?  What is going on?  Is it the result of politicians’ desire to be in the limelight at any cost?  Is it a sports fetish of some type?  Or, is Congress trying to distract us so we don’t realize that they’re all on the take? Excuse me, I guess I should say that they are benefitting from the current laxity in the campaign contribution system (also known as on the take.)

The following is a letter that you may wish to send to your congressperson.  You may not even find it necessary to personalize the salutation.

Dear Congressman Pinhead:

Please have the federal justice system investigate the thieves and scoundrels who bankrupted our economy, and required that we taxpayers bail them out.  These ingrates are reaping outrageous profits and obscene bonuses while we taxpayers are losing our homes, unable to find decent jobs, or working twice as hard for the same pay.  I know the budget is tight, so to offset the cost of this, you can stop the investigation of various athletes.  While it’s unfortunate that they took performance enhancing drugs and lied to you, prosecuting them won’t do a damn thing to correct the current economic disaster most of us whom you allegedly represent are suffering.

By the way, in case you don’t know, professional athletes get paid for playing a game.  It’s a game you probably played at recess or after school when you were a kid.  Yes they get paid for it but it’s still a game.

On the other hand, ever since the American taxpayer bailed out the various financial wizards, they’ve been sitting up nights thinking up great new ways to fleece every one of us.  Maybe we can’t undo the damage they’ve already done, but doesn’t it make sense to minimize future damage.

I am waiting with irrational exuberance for your support in this matter.


2 responses to “Congressional Priorities

  1. Have you been talking to my husband? This all sounds so familiar. I include for your consideration the following link from his blog that you might find interesting:

    Great post. I am glad to see that people are beginning to wake up to the fact that our government is not our friend. They exist, not to be servants to the people, but to make servants of us all.

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