My Writing Assistant

Assistant Junior Editor Smokie

If you’ve ever owned a cat, and you’ve noted that my 2 youngest have each adopted a kitten, you’ve probably been waiting for this.

Smokie, my son’s cat, has started to learn to type.  Like all good cats, she sees a keyboard as a place to recline or something on which to dance.  Given it’s height above the floor the keyboard also makes a great location from which to pounce on her sister. 

If there are some strange errors of the sort that a spellchecker might miss, please accept that as Smokie’s contribution to the blog.

I don’t expect to be writing much else today since it’s moving day for my older son and I expect to be otherwise engaged in that activity for the rest of the weekend.  Better him than me.

One response to “My Writing Assistant

  1. I have 2 cats that attempt to contribute on a fairly regular basis. Both find it their personal duty to stand right in front of the screen. When they aren’t standing, they are sitting and attempting to catch the cursor with their paw. Can make for a somewhat frustrating creative process at times! 🙂

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