The Black Hole of My Office



As I have mentioned in the past, my office seems to have an overabundance of gravity.  Now I realize that physicists rate gravity as one of the weaker forms of energy, but in my home it seems to exert great influence.  The kittens, who have already realized that they rule (in the classical sense of the word), have taken to occupying my chair, thereby making it difficult for me to write.  Subtle hints are wasted on the kittens, and overt force leads to them leaving in either a snit or a huff and I’m not speaking of expensive imported automobiles.

There are three issues to be dealt with here:

  1. Everybody ends up moving into my little corner of the house and therefore world.
  2. The kittens know they can get away with it, but they do not realize that they will not be kittens forever, but instead will grow up to be CATS!
  3. The only legitimate, full time occupant of the office is Alex.


 For some strange reason, Alex is not overly pleased with two soon-to-be-cats moving into his soverign territory.


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