No Great Thoughts Today

No lofty thoughts or grand pontifications today.  Although there’s still over a month left before school starts in Virginia, we had to make a shopping run with the kids.  I find it a good sign that they are willing, nay anxious to get their school supplies started this early.  Adam claimed last year was his best year ever and I suspect he’s hoping next year will top it.  Katie is a bit more laid back, at least in some ways, but she still excels.  In her case the most important item was finding just the right shoes for the new school year.

Adam and I continue to work on his computer (the one built like Frankenstein’s monster from pieces parts.)  While it’s coming along nicely he naturally hopes I’ll upgrade my computer so that he can take my current system.  I found a newer operating system disk in the hall closet that will help his system work better, so we’ll just have to see how that works out.

Many of my technological gadgets are dying.  Unfortunately many of them are ten to twenty years old and have been patched, updated, reconfigured, etc. to the maximum level possible.  My poor weather station apparently has rheumatism problems – whenever it rains it gets cranky and creaky and cannot accurately measure the rainfall. 

My computer has a terabyte secondary hard drive that acts as a backup and sharing site for the other computers in the house.  As the number of computers and their use has grown, the available disk space has shrunk – especially since I store photographs on it.  I suspect being team photographer for my daughter’s soccer team may have some effect thereupon.

Yes, I picked up a larger hard drive during the shopping run.  My plan is to disassemble most of these systems over the next month or so as I move them from the room next to the front door to a less visible part of the house.  As I disassemble each item I’m going to carefully examine what I have and decide whether to reinstall, repair, abandon or replace.  That will be quite the exercise in prioritization.

So that’s what I did today.

I’ll try to think of something brilliant for tomorrow.

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