I Write, Therefore I Am

When I write I sometimes think that I would be more motivated if I had hundreds or thousands or even millions of readers.  That is one of the traps of blogging; each day I can look and see how many people have read my blog.  I admit the number is small, but is any number of readers ever enough?

An author in a traditional medium may know how many copies of the newspaper sold, or the magazine, but that does not tell them how many readers were interested in their particular piece of work.  They might be subscribers, or they might have purchased the periodical strictly because of some other article.  Even book authors are not sure how many people who purchased their book actually read and enjoyed it; in fact the majority of fans might be sharing a limited number of copies through public libraries.

So I write.

I write because I have the joys of my family that I spill over, so I need to put that feeling somewhere.  I write because I think I can put into words the feelings many of us share; pride, frustration, enthusiasm or excitement.  I write because I may have a small idea that someone else can build on and contribute something great to our society.  I write because I may make one person feel better. 

I understand that there currently is no cure for writing.  The big pharmaceutical companies know there is no profit to be gained by finding a drug to stop it.  Then there’s that pesky Bill of Rights thing (and First Amendment to the Constitution at that).

So my job is writing.  It’s someone else’s

One response to “I Write, Therefore I Am

  1. Since it is my job to read….figured I would send a short note to say I hope there is never a cure for writing.

    Sam 🙂

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