A Place for My Books

One of the hazards of being a writer is that writers have a
tendency to read.  Being a Baby Boomer, I
prefer to read books, and if there’s a book I enjoy I like to own it.  I mean real paper pages with real ink surrounded
by a heavy duty hard back binding.  Oh, I
have my share of paperbacks, but if I really like a book, I look for the
hardback.  Of course this means in some
cases I have the paperback that I read to determine that I would like it plus
the paperback.

When I travel, I also like to pick up books about the places
I’ve been.  My theory, or perhaps my
justification is that the kids might need this material for school someday.  I’ve got booklets about the Pentagon,
Arlington, Monticello, Gettysburg, Cajun country, and – well, you get the idea.

Having books means that I need some place to store
them.  I worked in a library.  I know where books are supposed to go.  I went to the store and bought bookcases in
which to store my books.

Right now I’m moving some things from one room to
another.  One of the rooms has several
bookcases full of (ready for this) books.
As I prepared to move them I noticed that the shelves were warped and in
a few cases, cracked.

What kind of sick factory manufactures “bookcases” that aren’t
strong enough to hold books?

Now it’s true that I purchased these as “assemble it
yourself” furniture.  They came from the
discount store.  They might have even
been made outside the USA.  However, if
you’ve looked at furniture in the affordable section of the “real” furniture
stores, you will have noticed that there’s not much (if any) difference between
the assembled furniture and the discount store’s ready to be assembled
furniture, except price.

Contrary to the opinions held by my family, I do have an
affinity for cheap.

I think that some good American company might address the bookcase
gap and make an affordable sturdy book case.
I’m not talking about top grade mahogany, here.  I know that most of us can only afford the
composite board with a photographic depiction of wood grain type of book
cases.  However, there are ways to make
even such humble materials sturdier.  How
about a vertical piece in the middle of the shelves?  Yankee ingenuity would call for someone to offer
a “Heavy Duty Kit” for those who plan on filling their bookcases with books.  It could be mass marketed and sold for an “amazingly
low price.”

If one of my readers shows up on an infomercial with this
idea, I don’t want a percentage – just send me a couple of dozen of the heavy
duty kits.

Better do it quick.  I
need to buy more books before we shift to 100% e-publishing.

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