Moving Day

Moving within a house is not significantly easier than moving from one house to another.  The scope is different, but not the key elements.

Through the efforts of my two youngest, my office/ham radio shack/etc.
moved from the most visible location in the house (read “eyesore”) to one that is not in the immediate line of sight from the front door.
Things will start getting busy for me week after next, so I wanted to
get this done before then.

I fancy myself as a reasonably good communicator, but when
dealing with one’s own kids there are always communications challenges.  First, because I live here and my kids live here, I have the expectation that they understand exactly what I am trying to achieve.  This is not always the
case.  To further complicate matters, I assume that by watching me they’ve developed certain skills such as the names and functions of various tools.  This is
also somewhat less than correct.  This leads to problem number three in which I try to explain what I expect them to do, but after the first two challenges, my frustration level rises and I find myself in complete exasperation trying to create order from chaos by saying,  “Not that thing! The thing under the thing that looks different!”

You’d think that such a statement would be sufficient, but it somehow does not
connote the meaning I had in mind.

In any case, we moved the cables for three antennae (some people prefer “antennas” but “antennae” is so much cooler), three cables for the weather station and a ground cable.  While at first I ran these through the window, ultimately it took an appropriate opening in the wall to work correctly.  The 90+ degrees Fahrenheit might have something to do with that.  Of course pulling a cable up on a string is much easier to a window than to a small round hole, but eventually we got it done.

After that I had to route the cables to their respective locations, solder connectors and test things out. My vocabulary did not expand noticeably during this portion of the evolution, either.

The children did not demand retribution for my tempestuous insistence that they know to which “thing” I was referring.  However, I’ve learned over the years that discretion is the better part of valor.

Therefore I took them to the Ice Cream Boutique after all the tasks done.  I figure the cost of dessert is a small price to pay for their help, tolerance and their ability to forego patricide, even when some might conside it to be justified.


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