Our Seals

I promised to write more about our Seals who were lost in Afghanistan.  I have many fine words for them.  I have one word for many who talked about them.


OPSEC means Operational Security.  When anyone in uniform is in the theatre of operations, they are taught/encouraged/threatened to exercise OPSEC.  This means you don’t tell the bad guys nuthin’ no how, no way. 

You don’t tell them who you are.

You don’t tell them where you are.

You sure as hell don’t tell them where you’re going.

It’s best not to tell them where you’ve been because you may go there again.

And you never, never, never tell them what you’ve done much less what you’re planning to do.

Not everyone adheres to the demands of OPSEC.  When that happens, people die.

There was a lot of excitement after Osama bin Laden was killed.  People talked about who did it, how they did it, where they did it and what they used to do it. 

None of those describing those things were the people who actually did it.  I doubt that most of those who were describing these events ever came close to this type of action.

My politically incorrect advice: If you want to talk about what goes on –

  1. Enlist or accept a commission
  2. Qualify for an elite combat assignment
  3. Go into theatre and get shot at
  4. Take the good, the bad, the ugly and the deadly
  5. Knock the hell out of the bad guys
  6. Complete your tour
  7. Then talk/comment/preach

Of course, having actually been there and done that you wouldn’t want to talk about it because if you do you WILL endanger your shipmates, squadmates, and kindred spirits.  You WILL compromise missions.  You WILL compromise national security.

Talk is cheap; action is expensive and paid for in blood.

While those seeking attention are talking to the press, the real heroes are looking forward to coming home, to holding their wives and their children and to have a little normal before going on to the next assignment; maybe kids’ school events, or sports or a trip to the amusement park.

My praise is for those who do.

Thank you.


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