I’ve Got the Music in Me

I can always tell when things have been so busy that I haven’t had time to play music.  It’s worse than a hunger in some ways.  I find myself punching buttons on the radio in the car trying to find something that satisfies me, but not succeeding.  It later dawns on me that I can’t just be a spectator when it comes to music – I have to produce some music in order to feel fulfilled.

It’s not that I can produce any music worth listening to; it’s not the quality that is important in this case.  It’s the commitment to develop a few skills, no matter how minor and then using them.  It’s the same type of thing that drives grown men and women to suit up and play baseball or soccer or participate in a pickup game of basketball.  There may be no significant talent, but there is a passion and a sense of enjoyment that comes from doing rather than merely observing.

I think it should be that way in life, too.  Most of will never make the pros, but it matters less as to how good we are, but whether we get involved and try to do something.  Is it really enough to have a favorite team and live to watch them on the television?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what the pros can do – it’s always worthwhile to see what a master can achieve – but to forego a chance to be involved just doesn’t make any sense.  Life is too short.

Tonight I chose to write rather than play music.  If there’s no blog tomorrow, you know what I’m doing.

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