Waiting for Hurricane Irene

I’ve spent the whole day getting things in order to minimize the effects of Hurricane Irene.  The kids picked up most of the loose items in the back yard.  This is important because in high winds things can go flying.  One of the biggest threats in a hurricane is window breakage; flying objects break windows and let the wind into the house.  Sometimes letting high winds into the house is sufficient to raise the pressure and ultimately push the roof off a house.  I put everything into the garage and shed that I could.

I’ve also been coordinating the emergency communications for the area.  The ham radio operators have been getting ready to provide communications at the shelters, but it’s always a juggle between providing support and providing for their own families.  I think we’ll be able to handle both, although it’ll be a challenge.  In the meantime we’ve got the radios set up and checked out at the shelters.  There are more shelters open for this storm than most people can remember, but then the experts are expecting a lot of wind, rain and storm surge.

Right now the rain bands are just south of us according to radar, so it should be interesting fairly soon.   Naturally we expect the power to go out so we’ve moved food between the main refrigerator and the spare in the garage.  I plan on running the inner refrigerator on the generator.

My new radio room is upstairs, and has a window air conditioner and a television.  I suspect it may become the most popular room in the house if we lose power.  I ran an extension cord from this room to the generator yesterday.  It ain’t pretty, but I suspect it will work just fine.

As far as the blog, at least I wrote something.

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