My Writing Style, or Lack Thereof

I don’t know if the word envious is right, but for lack of a better way of saying it, I guess I’ll say that I’m envious of some of the serious writers whose blogs I read.  They have an intense focus on writing with the eye and perspective of a skilled craftsman – and this will, I believe, help them in getting their works published.  I’ve read how they choose the persona through which they tell their stories.  How they have found that publishers favor a pure genre (such as mystery) as opposed to mixed genres (such as science fiction – romance).  These are people who in an earlier time would have apprenticed an artist such as Leonardo da Vinci and learned the ways to master their art.

On the other hand, I write this blog because I enjoy it.

During the day my writing is structured.  On the other hand my pleasure writing sometimes happens because I sit down at the keyboard and the muse takes over.  At other times, it’s an issue about which I believe someone should write.  However, when I write for enjoyment I sadly do not draw on the tools and techniques that I see other authors use. 

Maybe it’s the rebel in me.

In some cases, in fact, I almost cheer for those who forego the rules and bravely chart their own new style.  Who heard of techno thrillers before Tom Clancy?  Malcolm Gladwell certainly took business writing in a whole new direction and J. K. Rowling created something quite a bit different from classic fantasy or children’s fiction.  Picasso understood the principles classic principles of art before he applied his own perspective; so did M.C. Escher and Maya Lin.  Who imagined a painting of melted watches before Dali?

So I guess I write in my own way because I can and I want to.  Besides, since I’m the one writing, I just got compared with Escher and Dali!

One response to “My Writing Style, or Lack Thereof

  1. Writing is one thing….it is the editing that causes me the twitches.

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