It’s now officially autumn 2011. Most small children are back in school, the others are back on the campaign trail.
Sometimes, though we fail to notice or appreciate the little things in life. For example this year was the one out of 17 in which the cicada emerges, at least here in Virginia. I remember being fascinated as a kid when we’d find their discarded exoskeletons still holding on to tree bark long after the insect had re-hardened and flown away. This past spring the sound of the cicadas was a constant background to my son’s soccer tournament.

The picture comes from National Geographic – [].
By my calculations, I’ve experienced the cicadas only three times before and hopefully will hear them one more time. For something that only happens 4 or 5 times in a lifetime I really did not give it the attention it deserved.
Some things we look forward to as kids are just as we expected. As a kid I read about the centennial of the USA and knew I’d see the bicentennial. For me it was great. Other things are a disappointment. I remember looking forward to seeing Halley’s Comet, but instead of the conflagration of the heavens there was a little fuzzy spot I saw at 3:00 AM after driving out into the country. At least I think it was Halley’s. Fortunately I got to see Hale-Bopp and that was at least up to my expectations for Halley’s.
So, good bye to the cicadas. Next time I’ll pay a little more attention.

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