I Don’t Like, You Don’t Like, He Doesn’t Like…

The advantage of having children between the ages of 10 and 20 is that they will freely tell you in great detail what they don’t like, what irritates them, what they don’t want to do and what’s unfair in the world.

I don’t like that I only have a little time to blog and it irritates me but I don’t want to skip it even when I’m short on time so it’s unfair.

On the other hand, I enjoy my family, my job and my blog.  I enjoy knowing that as my children enter each phase that they will grow past it, learning on the way.  I love seeing their accomplishments, which I might not notice if they didn’t tell me how hard it is to get them done.  

I know these things because I’ve spent enough time on this Earth to figure a few things out.  I guess that the Grateful Dead were right when they said “Every silver lining has a touch of grey.”

While this may be a short blog, I enjoyed writing it.  Oh and all the things that I said I don’t like.  Disregard those as merely being there for dramatic effect.

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