Columbus Day 1491

Listen to me, Cristobal, I know what I’m talking about.  This plan of yours is crazy and you’ll regret it.  If people want to go to Asia they can sail around the tip of Africa.  It’s called The Cape of Good Hope for a reason.

You sail west and you’re asking for nothing but trouble.  Queen Isabella hocked the crown jewels to pay for your trip, for crying out loud.  You screw this up and you’ll not only have her hopping mad but you’ll every European with one drop of royal blood all over your back.

It’s not like everyone thinks the world is flat and you’re going to prove it’s round.  If you sail west you’ll probably bump into some islands or a totally different continent.  Even if you do they probably won’t even recognize what you’ve done.  I just can’t believe we’d ever have a continent called “Columbia.”  What if there are two continents – can you just imagine “North and South Columbia?”  Give me a break.

People will probably criticize you for upsetting whatever people already live there.  If one of them gets the sniffles they’ll say you brought in disease.  You can’t win.

Do yourself a favor, Cris.  Go back home to Genoa and get a fleet of boats to trade around the Mediterranean.  You’ll be much happier than if you sail west across the Atlantic.

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