Even More of Those Dreaded

Random thoughts…

My son informed me that the reason he doesn’t like the headphones he borrowed from me is because they suck out brain cells. Pretty impressive for something that costs less than twenty dollars. I wonder if that brand is particularly popular among budding politicians.

It was an out of town soccer tournament this weekend. That meant hotel, gas, meals, etc. We also had to board the dog that goes into severe separation anxiety when my wife is not within line of sight. Guess which one was more expensive?

Speaking of the dog, did you know that many dogs, ours included, are on Prozac? Makes you wonder why some enterprising individual hasn’t started a program to teach dogs yoga. And I always thought pets were to introduce a level of calm into the family environment.

Cats wouldn’t be a target for yoga training. They already have every possible stretching move covered.

Did you ever notice that after an out-of-town kids’ athletic event you never are tempted to say, “Remember that great meal we had on that trip? And the beds were so comfortable I wish we could find a bed like that for our home.”

Is it possible that global warming could be caused by all the energy generated by a mob of 11 year old girls running around the hotel after the first day of the soccer tournament?

On my computer I have a special key for the Euro and a dollar sign. Neither one works. I wonder if that has any cosmic significance. (Personal note for Ben Bernanke, if it turns out it does, please make sure I get credit for finding it first.)

Speaking of the head of the Federal Reserve, I was impressed to find that my spell checker knew the correct spelling of his name. My name wasn’t treated as quite so important.

Two paragraphs back my typing went askew and I typed “findining” instead of “finding.” The spell checker wanted to change that to “fin dining.” Sounds like it would refer to either a politically incorrect Chinese gourmet meal or else an attempt to get lucky at a Jimmy Buffet bar. (“Fins to the left, fins to the right…” if you need the explanation, it’s probably best to just move on.)

Remember when the thief at the bank was the guy with the ski mask and gun who was on this side of the counter rather that the person in the suit behind the desk?

I’d write more funny thoughts, but the headphones just sucked out some brain cells.


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