What’s Wrong with the World

I’ve decided what’s wrong with the world.


Not enough people wear hats and there are too few real choices.

If you don’t have a work hat that’s part of your work uniform, you probably are limited to wearing a baseball cap if you wear any hat at all.  Oh sure, there’s the stocking cap for cold winter days, but anything that shapeless just doesn’t count.  Don’t even try to convince me. Oh, and any piece of clothing worn as part of a golfing ensemble falls into the category of costume.

My grandfather wore a fedora, the type adopted years later for Indiana Jones.  Of course back then, most men wore some type of dress hat.  You’d see bowlers and in the summer the occasional straw hat or “boater.”  The hat was a good indication of how a gentleman viewed himself and allowed him to make a statement.  Look at characters in movies – some are shown with hats because it helps establish the character that the actor is portraying. 

Baseball caps are okay because they keep the sun out of my eyes, not to mention protecting my scalp from melanoma, but they are so bereft of style that it takes a logo or  some other identifying mark on the front to  give it even the tiniest bit of character.

I still wear a cowboy hat when working in the yard, a habit from my days in Wyoming.  Unfortunately I’m short enough that when I’ve tried to wear it while driving the brim hits the seat so I can’t lean back.  While quite acceptable in Wyoming, when on the east coast it does tend to attract funny looks.


The Australians have their own version of the cowboy hat called the Akubra.  It has a wider brim, which I like and of course it’s just fun to say the word Akubra. 

As kids we loved hats – they let us pretend to be grownups, cowboys, firemen, nurses or whatever.  Kids understand that it’s the hat that makes the character.  If a youngster is wearing a cowboy hat, everyone knows to treat him like a cowboy.  It makes the whole interaction thing much easier.


The problem is I believe in leading by example.  Before I can tell everyone else to go find a hat that fits their personality I have to find the right one for me.  At least for right now I’m stuck with an old Navy baseball cap.



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