Congress Comes Through, Again!

So the Congressional super-committee failed. In doing so they have upheld the highest ideals of the Congress as a whole. We should not look at this as a failure, but as our elected representatives being consistent. It’s reassuring to know that we can count on our leaders to never surprise us. It’s comforting

It’s unsettling when fate throws us a curve. Imagine if the University of Akron Zips won the BCS and emerged as the ultimate in college football. Imagine the angst. Football fans would be looking for the apocalypse and with a plausible reason. It’s much better to have things follow the course with which we’re comfortable.

If the Super-committee hadn’t failed, imagine what we’d start expecting:

Congressional representatives to actually read the bills that they turn into laws.

Someone other than lobbyists writing the tax code.

Pretty soon we’d be expecting fairness, and who knows what else. So I say, let’s stick with the status quo.

Congressmen and women belong in meeting rooms with doughnuts and coffee (preferably decaf) in which they can play with the free pencils and pads of paper. They need to keep their focus on National Pickle Day (November 14 – if you missed it, go ahead and celebrate anyway.) What about National Fritters Day (December 2 – there’s still time! Hey, serve the fritters with pickles and kill 2 birds with one stone).

They need to hold lots of hearings and call movie stars to testify on scientific matters.

They really need to listen to Representative John Conyers (D – Detroit, MI) and get busy on antitrust and other issues in college sports.

Otherwise, the Zips just might make it to the championship.

2 responses to “Congress Comes Through, Again!

  1. Must say that I agree with you on EVERY point here, consistency is important after all. We were actually in a restaurant on National Pickle Day and they gave us a free order of Fried Pickles (yes, I live in the South-if you can call Texas the South). Lest you scoff at this gastronomic delicacy, fried pickles are actually quite good. Didn’t know it was National Pickle Day until we were told. Guess I should write a Congressman/woman and thank them for adding just a bit of sunshine to my sometimes otherwise dreary days where I am usually toiling away to pay my taxes so that they can run more parts of my life.

    Pass the pickles, please! 🙂

    • Having lived (and met my wife) in Louisiana I am not only aware of fried pickles, but various other delicacies. However, at the time I didn’t realize that we had such an outstanding day of National Remembrance. To make it worse, I missed it again!

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