New Television Series!

“Arnie here.”

“Hey Arnie, it’s me, Chad!” 

“Chad, love to hear from you, baby, what weirdness do you have to share with me today?”

“Arnie, Arnie, Arnie!  You wound me.  Haven’t I pointed you to your two biggest shows?  ‘Dueling Pawnshops’ and ‘People Who Dress Like Idiots?’ Wasn’t I the one who was behind the big Disney hit “My Parents are Idiots!”   I’m the guy who looks out for you!  You should jump for joy whenever it’s me on the phone.” 

“Okay, Chad, only kidding.  What have you got for me today?”

“Did you see the news story about the woman in Pakistan who killed her husband, cut him up and then cooked the pieces?” 

“Trust me Chad.  We’re not going to talk them into CSI, Islamabad.”

“Arnie, trust me. Nothing so lame.” 

“Then what are you thinking of?”

“A cooking show!” 

“A cooking show based on a women who kills her husband and then fricassees him? Get real!”

“Not based on – starring!”

“You want to go to Pakistan and film a weekly show over there?”

“Not in a million years.  I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.  Now we bring her here.  And it technically wouldn’t be starring, it would be co-starring.”

“Don’t tell me – Rachel Ray.”

“Too bubbly.  I was thinking Emeril.  That way when he says ‘Bam!’ it would really mean something.” 

“And you’d have her cook humans?  How you going to pull that off?”

“I figure if people can donate their bodies to be treated with plastic and posed for museums, there’s a precedent.  However, if we can’t pull that off, we could use monkey and it would still have that edginess.” 

“You know you’re crazy, don’t you?”

“Certifiably so, but that’s how I know why I’m so good at predicting what the public is going to want to see.” 

“Okay, get me a pilot, but you’d better be quick about it.  I’m sure Fox is trying to get this on the air first.”

“Love you baby!” 

“Yeah, whatever.”





One response to “New Television Series!

  1. Don’t think I am going to reconnect my cable service for that show! 🙂

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