Facing Problems

I had a co-worker who pointed out when he perceived that people were “stuck in awareness.”  I suspect that he may have written his doctoral dissertation on this and therefore it was near and dear to his heart. In my case he proclaimed that I was “stuck in the 60’s” meaning I remained committed to ideals that most had discarded due to their complete impracticality.

But let’s explore “stuck in awareness.”  In a nutshell there are several stages in solving problems with the first being that one becomes aware that a problem exists.  Next one determines possible solutions and decides on one to try.  The solution is attempted and results measured.  If the problem is solved, the process is complete.  If not, a different solution is tried until either the problem is solved or no more solutions are apparent and the problem is therefore considered unsolvable.

It’s easy finding problems.  Solving them is what separates effective people from ineffective ones.

Take the example of a sinking ship.  The preferred solution is to get the ship to a properly equipped shipyard and have the damaged segments of the hull removed and replaced.  However, if the ship is in the middle of the ocean, the only option may be to drive wooden plugs into the smaller holes and stuff mattresses backed up by bracing up against the larger ones. Then you run the pumps to remove the water coming in through the manageable but still present leaks.  This allows you to keep the ship afloat until it can make its way, be towed or be transported to the appropriate shipyard.

Occupy [fill in the blank] has pointed out many problems.

The Tea Party has pointed out many problems.

The Democrats have pointed out many problems.

The Republicans have pointed out many problems.

(Are you catching a trend here?)

The Executive Branch of the government has pointed out many problems.

The Legislative Branch of the government has pointed out many problems.

It’s time to come up with some solutions.  If the government needs money do you go to the poor people to get it?  Do you look to the unemployed or the retired? No.  You look to the rich.

As Willy Sutton said when asked why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is!”

I don’t want to pay more taxes, but sometimes we must do what is right whether it pleases us or not.  I don’t like to watch my diet and I’m not particularly fond of getting up at 4:00 AM to get some exercise time in either.  Same principle.

As we used to say, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!”

I guess I am stuck in the 60’s after all!

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