Comparisons With My Youth

When I was a young adult, there were several cultural norms that defined my generation. Hair was long, music was loud and we didn’t trust anyone over thirty.


Over the years, I’ve had to adjust.


Let’s start with the easiest one; In the early 80’s I revised my trusting threshold to sixty and have since raised it to ninety – with the exception of car salesmen and politicians for whom no age restrictions apply.


Hair is an interesting topic. My father disliked the length of my hair in high school and I frequently heard, “You need a haircut!” My response was to let it grow longer. I did get it cut when I joined the Navy Reserve, but oddly the style I had worn in high school by that point was just within regulations. Go figure.


My older son got the follicly challenged gene from his mother’s side, so he just shaves his head. My younger son had his hair about as long as my longest style but has settled on a slightly shorter version. Apparently girls (with the exception of his mother) like it. One day he asked me if I had ever had long hair and was amazed when I told him that I used to have hair about the same length as his. Someday I’ll find a picture to prove it to him. It was shortly after that conversation that he decided a trim was in order.


And my hair? Since I still have it, it’s once again about the length it was in high school, albeit not quite as plentiful or brown.


Now we get to the music. Playing several instruments in high school exposed me to a wide variety of music styles, most of which I still enjoy, but rock and roll is still the base. I still calculate the price of music against $7.77 for most albums back in the 60’s and 70’s. I’ve tolerated the fact that my favorites have been purchased as vinyl, repurchased as 8 track tapes, cassettes, CDs and MP3s. I just remind myself that rock musicians have expenses like living in a mansion and maintaining a drug habit.


Today I got an e-mail from Amazon featuring a new album from Pink Floyd. I download music from Amazon and usually pay $5.00 – $7.77 (not exactly, but it fits in better with the memories…) for an album. I clicked on the link.


Pre-order price for a January 10 release – just $32.55.


$32.55? Are you kidding me? It’s Pink Floyd, but still!


I’ll reconsider when it goes on sale for $7.77.

One response to “Comparisons With My Youth

  1. Just wait three months until the price drops.

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