Even More Random Thoughts

Even though it actually takes less time to put the Christmas decorations away, why does it feel like it takes longer and is more difficult?


I figure the reason that people started making New Year’s resolutions was not so much because they want a fresh start with the New Year as it gives them an excuse to maintain the status quo the other 364 days.


When you ran into that very rude person while Christmas shopping, did you wonder if they’re always rude, or if they just save it for the holidays?


It’s a daunting thought that some people look at the calendar and say, “Christmas is coming! I love this time of year because it’s the best time of year to break into people’s cars!”


Getting past Christmas means I’m safe from fruitcake for 11 months.


Now that Christmas is over, take comfort in the fact that you will finally find those 24 rolls of wrapping paper you bought at the after-Christmas sale last year.


And finally, those embarrassingly angelic well behaved children who have been in your house since Thanksgiving will now leave so your own kids can return.

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