Winding Down 2011

I read some blogs that have tens or hundreds of thousands of readers and have to admit that I am just a bit envious. However, while I don’t attract such large numbers of readers, I do have all of you who stop by to see what goofiness I’ve thought of today. Thanks for staying interested. I’ve been writing this blog for a bit over a year. While I haven’t blogged every single day, I can claim to do so more often than not; this blog should be number 281. Again, thanks for stopping by.

Since 2011 is rapidly drawing to a close, here are some end-of-year thoughts:

Maybe Iowa and New Hampshire moving up their primaries is a good thing after all. It’s always best to get unpleasant experiences over as quickly as possible. Now if we could speed up the rest of the election.

The only thing worse than politicians trying to get elected are politicians who have been elected.

I guess it’s okay that there are so few good television programs. With trying to keep up with my kids I only have time to watch one or two per week anyway – and those are usually recorded and viewed after the fact.

Why do I think that my kids would be perfect if they’d just do everything the way I think it should be done? It didn’t work for me.

Is this the last blog for 2011? Who knows – I certainly don’t!

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