You Say You Want a Resolution, Well Now You Know

The following resolutions are available to all. They have the benefit of being infinitely keepable, and even if you break them you will not feel bad.

  1. I will not forsake my family in order to concentrate on advanced quantum physics throughout 2012.
  2. I will not allow myself to become romantically distracted by Charlie Sheen, Sinead O’Conner or any member of the Kardashian family.
  3. I will avoid garlic, onion and fragrant cheeses, unless, of course, the recipe calls for them.
  4. In order to preserve my right to complain, I will vote. “Voting” includes going to the voting site, picking up my ballot and turning it in blank because none of the candidates are satisfactory.
  5. I will not pick unnecessary fights with Chuck Norris.
  6. I will take a minute each day to concentrate on what was right with it, enjoy it, and give thanks for it.
  7. At least once a week I will cleanse my mind of all frustrations for just 60 seconds, and look at my children and focus on what’s right with them.
  8. After completing #7, I will tell them what is so special about them and how much it means to me.
  9. I will take time to look into the eyes of my spouse, my significant other, or other most-important-person and share with them what I feel.
  10. I will thank God for the blessings, for His help in getting through the difficult parts, and for just being there for.

One response to “You Say You Want a Resolution, Well Now You Know

  1. Love these New Year’s resolutions! Happy New Year to you and your family.

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