Point of View

Some days, early in the morning when I go out to get the newspaper it’s crisp and cold – just like today.  I notice the chill and it reminds me that most of the time when the temperature drops it means the skies are clear and I look heavenward.  Even with the ambient light from the city – what astronomers call “light pollution” – I get a pretty good view of the stars.  It’s not a great view, but it’s nice.

To get a really great view you need to get far out into the country where the dark is, well, darker.  I’ve been in such places (a few parts of I-49 in Louisiana, for example) and had to pull off at the next exit, just to stop the car, get out and look at all the stars. 

In any case, even from my front yard, it’s an inspiring view and reminds me to have a little conversation with Him.  I think of how magnificent He is to have created the universe and how impressive my view is.

More than once I’ve gotten the sense that He was telling me that the view is even better from His side.

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