The Real Reason for Football Stadiums

I’ve never been a big sports fan, and do not understand what causes people to go to some of the extremes they do.  I assume that those who paint their bodies with the team colors and proudly display their body paint sans shirt or coat in freezing temperatures are relatively normal at other times.  I shudder to think that the individual so insanely dressed(?) or should I say decorated might be someone who handles my bank accounts.  Even worse, it could be my dentist, surgeon or clergy.

Part of my blasé attitude may be due to where I grew up – Toledo, Ohio.  When I was young, we didn’t even have the Mud Hens and when they were reformed they played in a suburb – Maumee rather than in Toledo proper.  The University of Toledo, where I took my bachelors degree has fielded some good teams both while I was attending and this year, when it won the Military Bowl by one point.  However, it is much better known for its colleges of business, engineering and pharmacy than its athletic department.  I know to many this seems rather odd for a university.  My education continued at Case Western Reserve University and University of Akron, again not top names in sports.

My son, on the other hand has a passion for a number of sports, college football being one of them.  We sat up last night watching LSU (the family team) forget how to play football against archrival Alabama.  It was not a pleasant experience for him, although with appropriate treatment and therapy he is expected to survive, although with a possible limp.

When I got up this morning, an old brain cell awoke with me and reminded me of something I knew long ago but had forgotten.  “Funky Winkerbean” fans may remember Harry Dinkle and identify with this philosophical gem.



The only reason for a football stadium is so the marching band has a place to perform.

One response to “The Real Reason for Football Stadiums

  1. You may just be right. . .

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