Why There’s No Wikipedia Today

Yo! I’m RR Cool Dog Z a top rapper and I are here to talk to you about SOPA and PIPA (SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA – Protect IP Act, ed.)

You may have noticed the Wikipedia is down today in protest of these bills, and I’m here to tell you that they wrong! Who you going to believe, a bunch of geeks with pocket protectors or me and my peeps?

Let me explain it to you in terms even you can understand. I got to protect my intellectual property like my songs and [bleep] (stuff, ed.) All us entertainers deserve to have our artistic licenses protected. Every time a copy of my material is copied illegally, that costs me money.

You think it’s easy bein’ and entertainer? I gotta keep thinkin’ up new songs, and it’s hard, man. It’s hard.

It’s expensive livin’ in Beverly Hills. Hell, a week’s worth of cocaine for me and my posse costs more than what you make all year. Then there’s all the bling I gotta wear. Fortunately they tell me that the bling is deductible, whatever that means. But I do look good with lotsa gold, if I do say so myself.

Then there’s them [bleep] (female associates – ed.) Talk about costin’ a lot; whew! Then there’s my peeps – my people. I gotta have lawyers and accountants because clothing and perfume companies are always begging me to put my name on their [bleep] (products –ed.)

Pretty good for a dude who didn’t finish high school, huh?

But I got off track. [bleep] The bottom line is tell Congress that everybody who wants to listen to my [bleep] needs to be payin’ for it. Got it? Good!

Oh, and check out my new perfume line, “Dog Dew” at your favorite upscale department store.

3 responses to “Why There’s No Wikipedia Today

  1. Steve, once again, you’ve captured the plight of the downtrodden masses – i.e. rappers, music executives, movie stars, etc. Our hearts should go out to them in their hour of need. BTW, what was the url for BitTorrent again?

    • Well, SOMEBODY’s got to take a stand, and if not me, then who.

      I just found out that on their records Ceech & Chong were NOT just pretending to be stoned. I’m flabbergasted!

  2. Excellent. Enjoyed it all but “Dog Dew” had me holding my sides.

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