Making a Selection

Ahh, yes, Mrs. …

“Please, no names.”

Of course, madam, I tend to be so anxious to serve that I forget that people of celebrity prefer to keep everything low key.  My apologies, and how may I help you today?

“I’d like to see what you can offer in ways of possibilities?”

Of course, madam, perhaps we should review your past acquisitions.  We started with 1997 red, as I recall from South America.  How did you like that?

“Oh I was very pleased.  Cheeky, almost arrogant, nice coloring, aged well.”

Excellent! Excellent!  Then there was a 1999 from South Africa.

“Oh, what would be a good description?  Spicy? Yes, I think that would work.  Nice color.  Very enjoyable.”

I knew you’d be pleased. I’m sometimes quite proud of my ability to find just the right selection.

“I think we can dispense with the others, I’ve been well pleased with your guidance every time.  The important question is what do you recommend today?”

I think I’ve got the perfect suggestion.  You need to expand a bit and Asia has been producing some excellent choices particularly in the new century.  I have a 2003 from Indonesia that is outstanding. Nice pale color, bold, exotic and dare I say surprising.  I know that you won’t be disappointed.

“You’ve always steered me in the right direction.  I trust you implicitly.”

Thank you madam, you’re too kind.  Shall I?

“Yes, please.  If you can get everything started as soon as possible, I’ll have my lawyer review the adoption papers and we can bring ..him?”

Her.  She’s a beautiful young lady, madam.

“We can bring her with the others to my upcoming movie premiere.”

Of course, madam.  I will have the papers drawn up as soon as possible and begin working the immigration issues.  I’m sure we can meet your deadline.

“Thank you.  Oh, dear, I must be going, I didn’t realize the time.”

Allow me to walk you out.  If you would see them, please extend my regards to Madonna and Ms. Jolie.

“Those phonies? Of course I will.  Especially since they’ll be green with envy.”

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