Superbowl Sunday

Well, it’s finally here – Superbowl Sunday.

Not being a sports fan it’s not quite the same for me as it is for my younger son. As a matter of fact, I’d venture that he’s enough of a fan that if you averaged the two of us, the result would be equal to one rabid sports fan. Whereas he longs for anything that you can kick, I’m more a virtual pocket protector kind of a guy. I’ll take the Discover Channel over ESPN any day.

It’s a flaw, but it’s my flaw, so it’s okay.

I know that Superbowl Sunday is also the day to eat to a level that puts Thanksgiving to shame. Unfortunately, after my last doctor’s appointment, let’s just say I need a better excuse than football to consume my weight in chips, pizza, beer, etc.

I remember when the first Superbowl was held; I was in high school and as you know, my feeling then, as now, is that football’s proper place is to give marching bands an opening and closing act, as well as a place to perform. The first Superbowls did feature college marching bands. Then it was “improved” to college bands and performers. Then performers without the marching bands. When Disney started producing it became extravaganzas.

Today you have a mini version of the entertainment shows I grew up on. Shows like Dean Martin or the Smothers’ Brothers or the benchmark – Ed Sullivan. Given the age of those who can afford to pay for Superbowl tickets, we’re not talking Katy Perry. Today it will be Madonna. Personally I can’t think of a better way to follow up on Pete Townsend’s too-small shirt from two years. At least I like the Who, but Madonna’s just a little too weird for me. Hope they don’t have any hydrangeas on the set.

Finally a blaze of commercials – and not just ordinary commercials – commercials for which we’ve seen trailers, previews, advance screenings, etc. – football season will be over. Sports fans will find ESPN reduced to competitive bowling, billiards, poker and even cricket.

So if you’re a sports fan, enjoy today.

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