Double Standard – Sorry, But I Have To Say It…

In America, and many other countries, we do not have a state sponsored religion and hold religious freedom dear.  This means for all Americans and others living here, regardless of religion.

This is obviously NOT the case throughout the world.

In some countries there are “combatants” (although, thugs might be a better word) who ignore the rules of war, violate every tenet, convention, etc. who place explosives on children and decaptitate prisoners.  If they are captured and placed in military custody we treat them in accordance with the Rules for Treatment of Prisoners of War as signed at the  Geneva Convention.  We provide them with prayer rugs, Q’rans, etc. as well as food that meets their religious dietary requirements (essentially Kosher.)

They take their sacred Q’Ran and write incendiary things in them, so we take them away (replacing them, I’m sure.)  Some of these get mixed in with other Islamic propaganda and get burned.  Oddly writing hateful messages in the Q’ran is not desecration, but accidental burning is.

The Muslims riot and kill American servicemen (so far I don’t believe they’ve killed any women in this particular evolution.)  We apologize.  They ignore us. They riot and kill more.

In the meantime man in a Muslim country embraces Christianity.  He on the other hand is sentenced to death.

Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies.  In that regard it’s a target rich environment.  On the other hand, Satan must be proud.

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