Spring Flower

In my back yard I found the first flower of the season – a dandelion.

A weed.

A nuisance.

Of course, I remember long ago as a child when dandelions were almost magical. You could gather a bouquet for your mother during three of the four seasons. A small juice glass was just about the perfect height to act as a vase. When they wilted, there were more from where they came.

Then of course picking a dandelion after it had gone to seed and blowing on it was virtually a rite of passage. The neighbors down the street with the perfect lawn might have cringed – or even said something, but it really didn’t matter.

So, even though its pedigree isn’t top notch, this dandelion signals spring and life and hope while the daffodils are still thinking about it.

It’s all in how you look at it.

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