Wasted News

Things in the news this week that I didn’t need (or particularly want) to know:

1. Apple Computer Corporation is worth more than Poland.

2. Snooki may be pregnant.

3. A man showed up naked for a job interview.

4. Jennifer Lopez gown appeared to have a “nip slip” at the Oscars but the designer claims it was an optical illusion .

5. On the other hand, Steven Tyler’s nip slip on “Idol” was apparently real. (Ewwwww!)

6. The media was enamored with Angelina Jolie’s right leg at the Oscars.

7. Super Tuesday primary won’t decide the GOP candidate (which means the rest of the states don’t need to cancel their primaries.)

8. Tariq Salahi, the male half of the White House party crashers is suing the rock musician (Neil Schon from Journey) with whom his wife ran off AND his charitable foundation lost its tax-free status.

So to real journalists everywhere, I offer my deepest sympathies that the coverage from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News overshadows anything that you’ve written. That the paparazzi have eclipsed Bernstein and Woodward. That no one knew that the lowest common denominator could slip so low, even in this economy.

So as they say, “We’ll return to our in depth coverage of Jennifer Lopez after these important commercial messages.”

2 responses to “Wasted News

  1. Wait, somebody actually used the term “nip slip”?

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