Rites of Passage

I have a grown son, so I know how you blink and suddenly your toddler is leaving for college. My younger kids are finishing elementary school and middle school respectively, and we’re in the home stretch for this academic year. That’s one reason I haven’t been writing as much lately – the Mom & Dad Taxi, Catering and Concierge Service, Ltd. (Lots of tiring days) has been very, very busy.

Tonight was a rite of passage for Katie. Each year the fifth graders (highest grade for elementary school) have a basketball game against the teachers. I’m told the teachers won once. I believe that was inadvertent. (When I saw my daughter’s teacher tonight I asked him if he was going to cheat. He said, “Absolutely!”) Needless to say, the students won by 1 point. Even if the kids “know” one point leaves them with the thought as to what might have been.

Katie was chosen to play for the students. She is very athletic, BUT she has not yet hit a growth spurt and stands 4’4″. Fortunately most of the boys in her grade haven’t started to grow yet either, so she wasn’t head and shoulders beneath the pack. In any case, her soccer training stood her in good stead as she ran back and forth covering the length of the court. She even sunk two and assisted on half a dozen others.

So why am I boring you with this?

I firmly believe that we are all called upon for specific duties and ministries. Some are lofty and immediately recognized by others. On the other hand, some are extremely important yet out of the spotlight. Being out of the spotlight is not bad – it lets you spend your time focused on what’s really important.

Tonight my duty and ministry was to be with and watch my daughter play in the student teacher basketball game. Sometimes the duty we are assigned is better than any reward we could get for completing it.

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