You Got Mail (Maybe)

Actually I wrote a very thoughtful piece for today and e-mailed it to myself, or so I thought. Now it’s either lost in the ether (as they used to say) or someone is wondering why in the world they were emailed a philosophical piece.

It seems only fair that as e-mail has replaced snail mail we find many of the same issues but on a different scale. It used to be that when we wrote a letter it was several weeks before we expected – or more accurately hoped for – a reply. Now we expect an answer almost instantaneously. However, in both cases, it’s just too slow to satisfy us.

Every once in a while, but not so often that we’d expect it, something got lost. Just like with e-mail today.

And yes, every letter was expected to be answered. However a few handwritten letters a month is hard to compare to a full e-mail box every day.

The physical mailbox used to be stuffed with catalogs, some of which (e.g. the Sears Christmas Toy Catalog) we loved, others which we found boring. Today our e-mailbox gets stuffed on a daily basis of which a good portion gets pre-disposed (nice pun, huh?) by the spam filter.

So I guess the more things change the more they remain the same.

Of course there are differences. There used to be songs about the mail. “I’m Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (and Make Believe It Came From You.”) “Please, Mr. Postman” and “My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter.”

So if you got my e-mail by mistake, just do the electronic equivalent of marking it “Return to Sender.”

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