Choosing a Pet

We went to the animal shelter to look at dogs today. We lost Jazz, our faithful dog in January after having her as part of the family for about 12 years. She, too, was a stray that we adopted and was a good dog, albeit a bit neurotic. When we got her the kids were very young and I was at work every day. Jazz was part Blue Heeler, and they tend to be loyal to one person, so my wife became the designated human being in Jazz’s eyes.

We also had a cat that had been abandoned, wandered into our home and made it his own. We had lost him shortly before and the stress of that loss played a significant part in Jazz’s demise. Dexter, the cat always tried to get Jazz to notice him, but Jazz had aloofness down to a science, at least when it came to the cat. However, when Dexter died, Jazz never recovered.

We replaced Dexter with not one but two kittens – each of the kids wanted their own. Each cat has bonded with the appropriate Nowak child (to the relief of the adults) and the cats are as different from one another as their persons are.

Now, all we needed was to find a new dog who would fit into the new order, protect the house, and maybe even be a family dog, as opposed to Mama’s dog. Hence our virtual visits via the internet to various animal shelters, as well as several false starts.

I realized that it’s probably a good thing that we don’t get to choose our children the way we get to choose pets.

“This one is too noisy!”

“Oh, no, this one is far too stubborn!”

“Too shy!”

Instead we are given our children without benefit of making those choices, or wondering if we chose the right one. We take what we are given and after counting fingers and toes decide that the child we were given is a perfect fit.

Of course, we don’t know that God doesn’t look at children yet to be born and parents-to-be and find Himself saying;

“This one is too noisy!”

“Oh, no, this one is far too stubborn!”

“Too shy!”

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