March Madness

I have a very strange attitude about many things. March is one of those times that my attitude becomes apparent.

I didn’t pick any teams for March Madness. I am not glued to the television. The sports section is not the first thing I read in the morning.

While this may seem un-American, I ask only that you hear me out.

As a vertically challenged individual, I do not find watching people whose genetic luck made them tall and coordinated enjoyable. Maybe if they restricted basketball to short people I could get excited about how hard they had to work to get good at the sport, but when you can reach up and touch the net it kind of defeats the purpose. I’ll grant you that they have to maneuver around the other inordinately tall players, but I’m still not impressed.

Don’t tell me that it’s the sport itself that attracts fans, because if that were so there would be the same brouhaha for the female basketball teams as for the male ones.

To my warped perception, college is about education, not sports. I know that’s a strange view, but I confess it’s true. I personally think that students should be able to letter in mathematics as well as basketball, but, hey that’s just me.

One response to “March Madness

  1. You will get no arguments from me. Well said. . .

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