Ahhh, the good old days. I admit I miss them.

Kids, let me tell you how things used to be. You won’t believe it, but hear me out, anyway.

Not so very long ago, shortly before you were born as a matter of fact, MTV meant “Music Television” and they featured videos of musical groups playing their songs. Whenever you turned on the Weather Channel it would tell you the weather forecast, and most amazingly, Headline News gave you, well the headlines and the news. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Before that, when you wanted your favorite new music, you went to the store and bought a “record.” You could buy a “single” that had the popular song on one side and something not as popular by the same musician on the other side, or you could buy an album. An album was kind of like a CD – you may have seen a CD – in that it had a collection of music from the same artist or group. Back in those days, though, record albums were larger and came in a cardboard folder that was 12 inches square. These album covers had artwork – sometimes very intricate artwork – and the covers were an important part of the purchase.

The reason they were called “albums” was because back in my parents’ day the collection of singles was kept in a kind of book that looked like a photo album. You don’t know about photo albums? How about a scrapbook? Kind of like a scrapbook, but full of music records.

Computers were something you read about – nobody had one at home. Some businesses had a – as in one – computer while others would rent time on some other company’s computer. No calculators, either. For grade school you did your math with pencil and paper. In high school or college you could use a slide rule which was kind of like a sliding ruler that could perform mathematic calculations.

You know, on second thought, maybe I don’t miss the good old days – except for music videos. But it sure is fun sitting here telling you about them.

3 responses to “Reminiscing

  1. It was fun to actually leave the house and go look for that 45 though, and the challenge: would they still have it? Or would they be sold out? And the album art was awesome, some bands could earn a hallowed spot on a teenagers wall, right next to the black light posters! Great Post!

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