After living together for who knows (or truly cares) how long, Brangelina are now engaged. The Secret Service has agents sent home from Columbia apparently for bringing prostitutes back to the (allegedly secure-for-the-President) hotel. Taxpayers foot the bill for a $800,000 party for government employees in Las Vegas.

I admit, worry about what kind of message these sensational news stories send to our kids.

Then tonight I went to my daughter’s fifth grade science fair. It was packed. The gym had tables set up in one half but it was so crowded that it was impossible to move through the exhibits. The kids had fun, parents were there with their other children, and of course teachers and the principal.



It reminded me that the news media focuses on the sensational. The only difference between the “mainstream media” and the supermarket tabloids is that the mainstream stories have a modicum of fact; otherwise they’d do more reporting on Elvis, UFO’s, and Nostradamus’ predictions.

The fact is that our kids are more influenced by having our help working on a science project and having us show up at their school events than by the stars and their antics.

We are the stars that guide our children.

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  1. Here-here! (or is it hear-hear?)

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