I’m still in the Washington, DC area, and we’ve been working late hours so I haven’t been near the computer.

However, I would like to take a moment and address the most frequent commenters to my blog.

Dear Spammers,

Thank you for reading my blog. Or as you might say, “I am thank for blog which is most lots of comments.” I just thought I’d fill you in on a few things:

  1. My condolences to the Prince in Nigeria who needs me to accept his check. Unfortunately, my work hours are the same as the banks, so I won’t be able to help him out.
  2. I tend not to borrow money, refinance my home or accept a credit card from “Happy Apple Bank” or anything similar.
  3. I am not interested in increasing the size of my hands, feet or anything else.
  4. My pharmacy accepts my insurance plan, so I do not plan on purchasing any drugs by mail, particularly when the advertiser misspells aspirin.

Now we’ll have to see if this results in fewer spam comments or an increase.

Oh, and wouldn’t it be poetic justice if when one of these spammers goes to jail, if part of their sentence would be to write out, in longhand, all of their spam messages – fifty times?

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