So There

I just spent almost 2 weeks in Washington DC for work. I’m tired. The kids had soccer both Saturday and Sunday. The lawn needs mowing.

You want something insightful? Okay.

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when razor blades at Wal-Mart are kept in theft proof packages?

Who’s more pitiful – the schmuck who steals razor blades or the multimillion dollar company Gillette who has managed to set razor blade prices so high?

One response to “So There

  1. Rick Martinez

    Hola Steve: You’ve always been able to say more in 7 sentences than what I try to say 18 paragraphs. My good ‘ol Mexican dad always reminded me of myself and my moods with this saying: “When Peter talks about Paul, one can learn a lot about PETER!” So, there!

    On the subject of razor blades, my issue is not where they’re kept–rather how they are packaged. I sent my daughters out on a razor mission just
    yesterday: To buy just ONE disposal razor–because I use just ONE a year or maybe two. They came back from the 99cent Store with a package of three. (Of course, I asked them how much it cost.) It took me about 30 minutes to open the plastic package. Why, I ask you and your readership?
    And I guarantee you these razors at the 99cent Store were not locked up behind any counter.

    Speaking of “razors” and “shaving” ourselves–and you, Steve, returning
    from Washington, D.C.–I’m all cut up by the Democrats being referred to as Democratic. Members of the Democrat Party are Democrats, but not
    necessarily Democratic.

    These terms are not synonymous, and this lawn needs mowing too, Steve.
    And I’m trying to figure out who’s more pitiful – the schmuck Republicans who inadvertently refer to Democrats as Democratic and should know better, or the left, vast, majority, multimillion dollar liberal media who do know better and steal the minds of people who don’t know better.

    Lastly, Steve, I hope you told the White House and Congress whille you were there in D.C. that we, Americans, are coming to know the distinction between politicians and statesman. We want the latter, and will vote for the latter.

    Continued Blessings and Success.—Rick Martinez

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