I Wonder

Just a few of life’s mysteries to for you to ponder in your spare time.

  • Why do we tolerate cable companies’ practice of providing a bargain price “For twelve months” after which they take us to the cleaners?
  • Why does Heinz Catsup (Ketchup or whatever [tomato sauce in New Zealand]) label their 18 ounce bottle with

50% More*

*Than our 12 ounce bottle?

  • Why do we want to share yucky things? In chemistry class, waving a test tube under a colleague’s nose saying, “Doesn’t this smell horrible?” or in Biology class pointing out something with “Ewww! Isn’t this gross?”
  • Why are there lots of articles encouraging men to share cooking, cleaning and childcare with their wives but none encouraging women to join their husbands replacing the wax ring under a toilet or fixing the roof?
  • Why do they keep changing the way they teach school subjects? Just when you think you can help you kids with their homework – it turns out you can’t!


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