School is almost out for the summer. The schools in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia continue until mid-June because they don’t start school until after Labor Day. With Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, etc. the area has a vacation destination mentality. How could we live without the high school kids working those minimum wage summer jobs? (However they sure beat the summer jobs I had as a kid!)

So kids are counting down the days.

We working parents are continuing on, fat, dumb and happy. It’s not a big change for us. However at home parents are in a panic, madly searching for camps, activities or other evolutions. No sane person, regardless of how much they love their children, wants to be trapped in a house with their progeny for two or three months non-stop. Listening to….

“I’m bored!”

“There’s nothing to do!”

“All my friends are (a) at the mall; (b) at the beach; (c) in Paris.”

“We never get to do anything!”

“Take me to (a) the mall; (b) the beach; (c) Paris.”

(Repeat the above every ten minutes for 2 months.)

I believe that school football teams and bands start practicing in the middle of summer out of a sense of mercy for parents. Either that or a parent managed to get a member of the school board in a dark alley sometime about the end of June and issue an ultimatum.

So as we approach the Memorial Day weekend, brace yourself for the inevitable.


I understand why some species eat their young. I don’t understand why we all don’t.


4 responses to “Countdown

  1. I do eat my young, but in a metaphorical sense. I tell them that I am not in charge of entertainment, but education. Let them figure out how to use the Commodore 512, just like I did.

  2. How long does it take to eat one?

    • A lot of it depends on whether you prefer them tartare or cooked; There’s a cable channel that has a cooking show specifically devoted to this, but I forget the channel’s name.

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