Odd Couplings

During the First Gulf War I was a mobilized reservist assigned to a command staff near Williamsburg, VA. Banking wasn’t as advanced as it is today; back then it took years to lose billions of dollars and you needed a local bank for cashing checks. A local grocery store, “Farm Fresh” had a bank located inside – quite avant garde for 1990. We referred to it as “First Federal Farm Fresh,” since it was one stop for banking, bread and beer.

Today, many stores have bank branches located inside. Almost every convenience store has an ATM. Quickly combining things became commonplace. This got me thinking – what kind of businesses, if combined wouldn’t become common?

First National Math Tutor and Lottery Tickets

Honest Ernie’s Emergency Medical Care and Motorcycle Sales
(You’d be surprised at how many people suddenly have an urge to sell their motorcycles while undergoing debridement in the ER.)

Frank’s Wedding Planner and Shotgun Sales (In deference to Martin Short – pronounced FRONK)

Johnson, Smith, Weber, Copernicus and Schwartz, Divorce Lawyer/Speed Dating Service

Lazarus’ Health Food Store/ Tobacco Shop

Sir Billybob, OBE Used Doublewide Rental/Charm School

Ol’ Smoky’s Crematorium and Barbecue Grill Sales

One response to “Odd Couplings

  1. The divorce lawyer/speed dating service is something that should happen to be honest.

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