I’m Glad I’m Not an Extraterrestrial

Some people are fascinated by the potential of alien life forms. There are the mysteries surrounding Area 51 where some people believe UFOs and aliens are studied. There’s SETI – the radio astronomy Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. With so many stars and incalculable planets, the odds are in favor of there being someone else out there.

So why haven’t they made contact?

Imagine an alien who has discovered signs of life on Earth and is debating whether to make contact. He begins to monitor television, radio and the internet. What would he find?

  • Slaughter in Syria
  • Political bickering in America
  • Disease rampant throughout the planet (remember, he only sees what is in the media)
  • A populace dependent upon pharmaceuticals for every bodily function
  • Rampant murder (both from the news and entertainment television)
  • A veritable ring of trash from obsolete satellites orbiting the planet

I think any reasonable alien would decide that he had stumbled into a bad neighborhood, check to make sure his doors were securely locked and then make a 180 degree turn so as to head immediately for home.

It’s too bad, really, because he’d never see:

  • Kids who study hard, make good grades and have other outside interests
  • Parents and grandparents who make time for those kids
  • People who serve others whether in medicine, the clergy, social work, etc.
  • Mentors who help the younger workers understand how things really work
  • Volunteers doing everything from handing out food, assisting in a disaster or just helping at a community special event
  • A million other good things

Maybe from time to time we should turn off the television and the computer and just enjoy – nay, revel in a few of these minor, yet very real, miracles.

And if you do something good for somebody today, thank you.



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