Excuses, Excuses

I am traveling again and had pre-written a piece for today. Since I wrote it on a different computer, I e-mailed it to myself, figuring I could retrieve it once I got to my destination. No such luck.

The Internet ate my homework.

It’s so amazingly implausible that you know it has to be true.

At least the dog isn’t getting blamed.


Speaking of “so amazingly implausible that you know it has to be true.” I did not want to devote a whole blog to this out of principle, but every time I think I’ve seen the ultimate weirdness from human beings, something happens to prove that as a species we’re strange beyond even my imagination.

The Los Angeles Times reported today that after a Dutch artist’s cat died, he had the cat preserved by a taxidermist and made the cat into a remote controlled helicopter. Here’s the link.


To add to the weirdness, the Times decided that this belonged in “Business News.”


Now don’t you feel bad that you doubted me when I told you the Internet ate my homework?

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