Mechanical Dilemma

I used to think of myself as pretty mechanically savvy. Back in my high school days I could tune my own car and even do some body work. Of course I had a ’72 Pinto and lived in Ohio where they salt the streets during snow and ice, so it needed body work each spring and fall. I believe that if you had driven the infamous lime green ’72 Pinto through an airport metal detector it would not sound the alarm because of the Bondo/fiberglass to metal ratio.

In any case, between that, building my own computers, building radios, and so forth, I found myself with an almost arrogant attitude with regard to electronics and other devices.

Alas, no more.

I tried to watch a movie on DVD last night. I needed to back it up a few minutes to catch something I couldn’t hear (another hazard of my age) only to have the DVD skip to the next episode. I backed it up; hit “Top Menu” etc., etc. with no luck. Everything I tried, failed.

I uploaded the video I took of my son’s 8th grade band concert to the computer. Now I can’t find it. I’ve searched by extension, date, etc. with no luck. And, yes, this was the one time I deleted the video from the camera.

Don’t even get me started about some of my other gadgets and how they hate me.

I feel like an old Woody Allen bit.
– look for “Mechanical Objects.”

Joe Walsh has a new album out called “Analog Man” – living in a digital world. Trust me, Joe, I understand. I’ll pick up the album – oh, you can’t do that anymore. However, there’s just something wrong with downloading the MP3 for this particular album.

Maybe I’d do better to go and read a book.



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