Of Angels and Men

I thought about all of the dumb things I’ve done in this life. Things that hurt people. Things that I did out of arrogance or stupidity. Things I did out of ignorance – I just didn’t know how to handle a situation.

I asked God why he would ever create a species like humans.

The answer I got was that angels were too perfect. Most chose to serve God but others decided that serving was beneath them and turned away.

Humans, on the other hand are God’s true children. We need His love and guidance and care, just like every child does. We do best when we trust Him. In turn we have children of our own so that we can learn both sides of the experience what it means to be a parent or a child. To need and be needed. To care and be cared for. To love.

Who would have ever thought that the Cheap Trick song had spiritual aspects? That it might echo God’s message to us?

I want you to want me,

I need you to need me,

I’d love you to love me.

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