I Am No Like America

My name or country is no important to you. You would probably no be able to find my country on map without help – you may no even spell it. I know some English, but I’m guess you couldn’t speak mine language even to say “Hello.”

I only know America from the internet. I heard things about America from my parents, but what I see no match what they say. Here what I know about America.

Big news is about sports coach who do unmentionable things to boys. It in news every day. In my country we be ashamed and not talk about it but America think very news worthy and important. It take headlines over everything else.

Celebrities like move actors more important than people who make or build things. This I do not understand. I see pictures of Lindsay Lohan who is very pretty with makeup but not pretty without and in a lot of trouble all the time.

News always has information about money and sports. These must be very important to have this every day. I like sports. I understand business very important but no understand why more important than other things.

In my country political leaders fight all the time. Most fights are just for attention. I guess same for you.

I am hear many things about America with freedom and such, but have hard time seeing these thing on internet. Seem like much on movie stars, sports and business. Maybe you explain?

In meantime, I sorry America and I not much alike.

One response to “I Am No Like America

  1. Priorities definitely screwed up around here.

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