Storm and Power Outage

We lost power last night at about 10:45 due to a severe thunderstorm. I got up to get a battery operated fan, since it’s quite toasty without the air conditioning, even on 1 July, in southern Virginia. I have all the accoutrement for loss of power, so the next morning I fired up the generator and ran cables to the refrigerators, coffee pot and other essentials.

The power outage was due to a downed tree, so the actual area was rather small, but no matter how small, when it’s 98 degrees outside and you have no power, it seems huge.

Naturally this also happened to be the weekend I had to go into work for a special project. So as soon as I got off work, the kids and I headed for a(n air conditioned) restaurant. When we got back, the power company was just finishing. Then I realized the sheer magnitude of the situation. It’s one thing to get everything going, but when you have to refuel the generator, wind up the cords, put the emergency lights away, etc. It’s a lot of work. Seems much harder that getting everything out.

Oh, and we might have a rerun tonight.

So, if I don’t write tomorrow, that just could be the reason.

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