If I Were God

If I were God, I’d create the universe. Maybe I’d make it all at once in its finished state or maybe I’d create a big bang and enjoy the show? I guess it would depend on my mood.


If I were God, after making the “normal” animals like lions, and tigers, and bears (oh, my!) The I think I’d make interesting creatures as tree frogs, chameleons, elephants, giraffes and penguins – not to mention ostriches and platypuses – just because.


If I were God, I would make a vegetable as delicious as an avocado, but put a big pit in it just to encourage moderation. And I’d put lots of layers on artichokes for the same reason.


If I were God, I’d not only divide the day from the night, but I’d separate them by colorful sunrises and sunsets.


If I were God, I’d create water for man to drink on a hot day. I’d make it fall from the skies, sometimes with a soothing sound, other times with flashes of lightning and the roll of thunder. I’d let it freeze and flow down the mountains, icy cold and pure. I’d put it in oceans where it would be warm and relaxing for man to enjoy.


If I were God, I’d make man different from the other creatures. Instead of having children and raising them in a single season, I’d give him a family to cherish for about twenty years or so.


If I were God, I’d create rainbows and place them in the sky right after a storm, when the sun comes out.


That’s what I’d do if I were God.


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