I understand that different cultures are, well, different. I usually eat with a knife, fork and spoon – others use chopsticks or their hands. One is not necessarily better than another, they’re just different.

However, some cultural practices make me wonder. In Spain they’ve had the running of the bulls. The Spanish seem to think that bulls were meant for entertainment. Since we tend to eat beef, I’m not saying we’re better, just, well different. However, when the bulls are let loose to run through the town they tend to act like a bull in the … town, and trample over everything in their way.

Now, for those who don’t know (big city dwellers, for example), bulls have horns. These horns develop as a weapon. When something threatens a bull it tends to charge at that particular threat – with the horns.

So –

Bulls running loose in town

People running loose in town

People imbibing in adult beverages (assumed, but it makes sense)

Some person gets gored by a bull

Happens every year. The amazing part?

The media wire services pick up this bit of information and it is covered by the news media! The Virginian Pilot, my hometown newspaper, gives an update as to how many people (and their ages and if not Spanish, their nationalities) got gored.

Of course, it does give us a break from that other bull – the current political campaigns.

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